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Medscribbler Lite Server Installation

The Readme First contains important information to make the installation proceed smoothly. After having made notes from the Readme First file, Install the Server application first.Single click on Install BDE. (The installation order for Medscribbler should be BDE, Database Server, Medscribbler Database, Management tools Medscribbler Services.)
If you have BDE already installed you can use the Windows Control panel to add BDE aliases or simply install over your current version.
The only choice for the BDE is the defaults.
After the BDE is installed, single click on Install Database Server. This step is not neccessary if you already have Microsoft MSDE installed.
The installation may take several minutes and may pause occassionally.
Next click to create a new Medscribbler database.
The location of the database can be set. © 2006
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