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Medscribbler Administration Configuration

First the system must be configured. This must be done on the computer with the Medscribbler database installed on it, the Server. Open Management Tools.
See the ReadMe file when the installation file is run for the password. For security this password should be changed. If the new password is lost there is no way to get into the administration. Contact BrunMed to solve a lost sysadmin password (fee)
Set the users. Medscribbler runs by concurrent user. There can be an unlimited number of users in the system but only 2 doctors and 2 clerical connected at the same time. Only two medical users computers logged on at the same time. There is no limit to the number of users, only connected users. Upgrade Medscribbler for more users. To add users click on Add under "List of users in Medscribbler"
From Add under Medscribbler users fill in the details. User details are to identify the person and is important for correct HIPAA security logging. Chose the type of user, this determines whether it is the clerical, clinical or administrator logon screen that will be active for the user. A clinical user can not logon to the clerical application using their clinical user name and password. They would need to be setup as a clerical user also.
The user has been added to the Medscribbler Database but not to the Microsoft © Server (MSDE or SQL)
The user is not able to logon because the Medscribbler database recognizes the user, but the Server has not been set to recognize the user.
Click Add under "List of logons in the Server" to add the user to the Server.
The user has been added to the Server but there is no permit to access the Medscribbler database (no X under the Medscribbler column) © 2006
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