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Medscribbler Administration Configuration

See the ReadMe file when the installation is run for the password. For security this password should be changed. If the new password is lost there is no way to get into the administration. Contact BrunMed to solve a lost sysadmin password (fee)
The Forms Manager is a document management module for configuring forms for use within the charting activities of the physician. These forms are usually lab requisitions or clinic referrals. They can also be patient handouts. Additionally, they can be a self designed paper "template" that is used frequently for various exam problems. Forms from a paper form/template company may be copyrighted. Many free forms are available on the internet or from the AMA. Click on Forms Manager to begin.
Before beginning some paper forms need to be scanned as jpgs and saved in a folder. Consult your scanner manual or scanner reseller for instructions on how to do this. Generally, to get the correct size for display on a 12in Tablet PC display scans should be 96dpi and black and white or greyscale. Medscribbler will automatically resize an image but some loss of quality may occur. Most forms do not need color, saving scan data size and thus hard disk space.
The first step is to load in a scanned image from the folder where the scanner placed it. Open Project from File is for a form saved to a file but not put into Medscribbler use yet (usually a form in the process of being set-up). Open Project from Database is to modify a form already in use. A form already in use that is modified has to be given a different name on saving.
To speed up the process give the scans unique names before starting the individual configuration. Scanners usually save by image1, image2 etc. Use Windows File Explorer to do this quickly. Consult your Windows manual or your Microsoft Certified Professional if you do not know how to do this.
As an example, the "Diabetes Clinic" scan has been loaded and is ready for configuration. Chose Options before continuing.
There are two Options, Font and Form Size.
Medscribbler will automatically resize a form for non-scrolling display on the Tablet PC. The size of the form is the information passed to Medscribbler from the scanner. Normally no ajustment needs to be made unless you find printing size problems. The first place to check for a printing problem would normally be the printer and scanner settings but Medscribbler can compensate for other equipment. See your scanner or printer manuals or a Microsoft Certified Professional for more help. © 2006
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