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Medscribbler Client Installation

The client must be installed for medical or clerical staff use. To install Medscribbler on computers that will access the Medscribbler database Server, BDE must be installed on the client computers. If installing the client application on the Server computer the BDE would not have to be installed the second time. Single click on the BDE Installer.
If the BDE was already installed on this computer use the Windows Control panel to add BDE aliases or simply install over your current version.
Single click on Install Medscribbler Client.
Please read the license agreement. Medscribbler Lite is NOT FREE in the sense of Open Source or Public Domain, the licence fee has just been waived by Scriptnetics.
The Customer Information is the information entered when Windows is installed. For Medscribbler, changing this information has no effect. The radial buttons allow everyone who is a Windows user of the computer to use Medscribbler or just the Windows Logged on user. Other variations of users can be achieved with folder permissions, contact a Microsoft Certified Professional computer specialist for more information on how to set folder permissions. © 2006
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