Medscribbler Community EMR

Complete and Open Source

EMR free software

Medscribbler Community is a fully implemented electronic medical record that allows for embedded and direct handwriting, as well as handwriting recognition on a Tablet PC. This was the first EMR system with this handwriting recognition capability. We are now pleased to offer the source code under the GPL Open Licence.

This means not only can you use the and install Medscribbler Community EMR free of charge, it means you can have the source code to change and improve Medscribbler to your liking. Medscribbler Community is released under the Open Source GPL.

The Open Source GPL allows you modify the source code but you may not sell or profit from either the original code AND any modifications you make to the code. If you distribute the program in any way to others, including on a website, you must make the original code and all your changes or additions of code also available. For more information on the GPL see Sourceforge.

For Medscribbler speed using a Tablet PC is the primary consideration, by allowing various input options: handwriting for standing by the exam table, handwriting conversion for quick entry of information for broader review, keyboard for sit down situations and voice recognition for those who like to dictate.

This EMR system also has features to be HIPAA compliant and includes computerized medical record functions of scheduling and patient demographics. Medscribbler Community is a client/server application, designed to operate in a multi-computer environment with Tablet PCs and a wireless WiFi network. The basic database is the Microsoft© Express. Upgrading can be accomplished easily to Microsoft© SQL Server or a higher product version of the Medscribbler EMR system.

Getting you there sooner!

Other key system features of this Open Source EMR are: scheduling, demographic import from other electronic medical records, interoffice messaging, medical document management (scanner required), prescription writer with one click refills, handwriting of electronic forms, medical histories tracking, automatic backups, HIPAA solution logging, desktop faxing (third party set-up required) and a billing “cut and paste” interface to almost all billing programs or an interactive interface to the commercial EZClaim billing (purchase required).

Medscribbler Lite EMR passes Microsoft Platform Test for SQL Server 2005

“Getting you there sooner” is more than a motto —it is a design feature.