Tablet PC, notebook, desktop compatible

All modules included

Features of Medscribbler Community
  • Physician, secretary & administrator users
  • Wired & wireless network capability
  • Built-in handwriting acceptance
  • Built-in handwriting to type conversion
  • Installed Tablet PC medical dictionary
  • Full appointment scheduler
  • Prescription writing, printing, emailing
  • Included 2006 government drug list
  • Instant prescription refills
  • "Running" progress note like paper
  • One glance vital sign, history tracking
  • Add digital photos to charts
  • Bulk paper scans sort facility
  • Easy to use billing information entry
  • Export billing for billing program use
  • Dynamic secretary / physician interaction
  • Messaging
  • Exceeds HIPAA chart security requirements
  • Includes ICD-9 and procedure code management system
  • Print or universal HTML chart transfer
  • Archiving of old charts
  • System administrator functions
  • intuitive, 5 minute learning curve
  • Plus much, much more
Progress Notes

Progress Notes:

The progress notes page looks and acts like a typical paper page, only better. Add to the patient record using handwriting or have the handwriting converted to type or type from a keyboard. Add diagrams, highlight text or use different pen colors. Use a SOAP format or just a quick note or extended information on related problems. Access easily Dx, Rx, BPs, etc in window pop-ups. The only thing Medscribbler Community progress notes doesn't do is require templates, forms or structure. Medscribbler Community literally allows a "picture" to be painted of a patient's health.



The Daysheet is the control center for your day. Know who the patients are for the day at a glance, see who has arrived in the waiting room or what patient is in the next exam room. Instantly pull up the chart for the child that a mother in her appointment expectantly asks you to look at. Go back to a patient chart who was seen earlier and is returning from a lab. From here access is gained to daily chores such as signing off on labs and doing referrals. Write "one off" prescriptions and have them entered automatically into the patient's chart.

Secretary's Desktop

Secretary's Desktop:

Includes a full scheduler that is dynamic, interacting instantly with the physicians daysheet. One secretary can manage multiple doctors either separately or combined into one schedule. Have both a receptionist and a billing secretary or a nurse and a secretary. Patient demographics can be kept and updated. A secretary can import paper and electronic files directly to a patient file or for "signing off". Paper scanning is designed to allow quick bulk scanning with an inexpensive feeder scanner. Billing can be managed by the secretary for manual entry to an external billing program or automatically to supported billing programs.


Prescription Writing:

One write an Rx placing the information in the patient chart and Medscribbler Community prints or emails directly to a pharmacy with your real signature. Write by hand if preferred but save in Medscribbler Community for handy reference. Can be used like a paper pad with handwriting. Chose from a created common drug list for quick prescribing. Refills are filled and recorded with one click. By using the included government drug list unique identification numbers are noted with printed and emailed copies. A billing pop-up for an "out of schedule" Rx allows quick coding to never miss being paid or recording the work.

External Documents

External Documents (migrating from paper charts):

Medscribbler Community allows quick entry of paper through almost any scanner with a feeder. Move paper charts to Medscribbler Community by bulk unattended scanning a patient at a time. Immediately start using Medscribbler Community by "scanning as you go" progress notes and the most recent labs and tests. Daily paper results can be unattended bulk scanned and sorted by patient with Medscribbler's unique sort interface. Retrieval of external documents in the patient chart is super quick by category. Access on-line labs or results readers easily from within an individual patient's progress note.



All of the billing information and decisions are recorded in conjunction with the patient progress notes making an unfavorable audit almost an impossibility. The medical information for billing is transfered to the billing secretary to allow clear unambiguous coding decisions to be made. Medscribbler Community integrates directly through an import to the commercially available billing program, Ezclaim. Ezclaim allows printing to HCFA-1500 forms, electronic and national clearing house submission. Ezclaim interfaces with Quickbooks and is available from Medscribbler Community. Other billing programs can be integrated by importing a comma delimited text file or a billing secretary can use Medscribbler Community's unique "cut and paste" interface.


Medical History Records:

The last entry for Weight, BP, Rx, Dx and two user defined fields are displayed when a patient's progress note is opened. Clicking on any of these fields gives a small pop-up window with the last five entries displayed. Scroll for more entries to quickly track histories. There are quick pop-ups for Medications and Allergies plus Billing. The Rx pop-up allows quick refills in addition to the history. Of course scrolling the progress note itself is possible to see the "written" history.


"Signing Off" on documents:

Any document imported into Medscribbler Community can be immediately filed in a patient's chart by the secretary or nurse who has permission or the document can be sent to the doctor's desktop for inspection, decision and signing. Documents can not be mislaid or forgotten as they are always listed until dealt with.



During the patient exam a note reminder may be written that a referral needs to be made. These note reminders may be done in handwriting or text or handwriting to text conversion. From the Daysheet a review of these reminders can be made and Medscribbler Community's word processor opened to allow the referral to be typed. The page opens with letterhead and the patient details inserted. If text or handwriting to text was chosen for the reminder the text is placed directly into the editor. The patient chart and the referral note can be displayed for dictation into a recorder.



Medscribbler Community can be set to automatically transcribe the progress note. No matter how bad the writing Medscribbler Community can cut transcription time and costs. The handwritten note can be sent anonomously to a transcriptionist with the computer handwriting conversion. Even if the handwriting is really bad and a computer conversion is only 60 or 70 percent Medscribbler Community saves money. In most cases the transcriptionist just makes corrections. Even if the note has to be completely re-typed money and time is saved because the transfer and filing of the transcription is done without printing, physical transfer and re-filing. The original is always available for comparison. Any number of transcriptionists can be set-up. Transcriptionists can be located anywhere in the world. Because there is no patient identifiers sent to the transcriptionist there can be patient record access with absolute security.