About Scriptnetics

Scriptnetics Inc., a company established in 1999, has developed and continues to develop software for physicians offices. Its flagship product is the commercial version of Medscribbler which uses the Open Source database, MySQL Community. With the release of Medscribbler community Scriptnetics is demonstrating its strong and historical commitment to the Open Source ideal and community.

About Medscribbler Community

Medscribbler Community is to bring healthcare providers a computer healthcare management system that is intuitive to learn and use while at the same time improving efficiencies to get you there sooner whether it is retirement, a shortened work week or documentation of an individual encounter visit.

 about Medscribbler

To make the vision a reality Scriptnetics asks developers to:

  • Focus on the individual physician and their needs as the primary design consideration and avoid making third party needs the design focus
  • Make Medscribbler Community match a physician's business economics and documentation needs
  • Continually apply only the best programming technology to give the most up to date EMR possible
  • Avoid "hoarding" new code in a bid to make make money from others (the GPL licence means the code is still copyrighted by Scriptnetics - we will pursue those who break either the letter or the spirit of GPL Open Source)
  • Develop a comprehensive set of code additions that will be able to allow physicians completely manage their offices.
  • Focus on replacing paper's physical nature but mimicking paper`s current work flow to replace physical work flow with electronic work flow